Please help us keep Jewel Lake Resort dog friendly!!

A number of BC campgrounds are choosing to be NO DOGS ALLOWED because of owner compliance issues. As owners of a Resort we can understand the difficulties that can arise with allowing dogs, but with your cooperation we hope to keep Jewel Lake Resort Dog Friendly.

What you can do: Strictly adhere to the following guideline's;

  • Dogs on leash at all times

  • Dogs not left unattended

  • Dogs not allowed to wander out of their campsite

  • No disruptive barking

  • Owners must pick up after dogs

  • Cabins are NOT pet friendly

  • Non-compliance of the above may result in owner being asked to leave the Resort immediately (non refundable)

    Before deciding to bring your dog camping, we ask you to consider the following;

  • Does your dog adapt easily to being in a new/strange environment?

  • Is your dog used to being in close proximity to other dogs/people?

  • Is your dog generally obedient and leash trained?

  • We hope with your cooperation we can keep Jewel Lake Resort a Dog Friendly Resort :)